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722 Nicholson Rd, Forrestdale WA 6112, Australia
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Kao sok Muay Thai and Fitness Centre is located at Forrestdale, Perth in brand new state of the art facilities with room to move when training.  Muay Thai and Boxing Classes- Kids classes, Ladies Classes, General Classes and Fighters Classes.

The focus at Kao sok Martial Arts and Fitness Centre is on physical fitness, character development, self defense, discipline, lowering stress levels, greater flexibility, technique and helping you to achieve your goals. The classes are for learning Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing.

Kao sok can cater for all your requirements from improving your health, fitness, strength and durability or wanting to be the best in the ring.  We also offer one on one Personal Training sessions to suit your schedule.

This class is for members who want to train to compete or members who wish to train with our fighters.  This class is challenging and will help you achieve your goals as you will be trained by the best in the business.

Kids will enjoy this class and so will parents as it will allow the kids to channel their energy and focus.  This class will provide respect, fitness, self defense and FUN which really motivates the kids.  This class also caters for the Parents if they wish to train with there children.

These classes will focus on Muay Thai technique and/or Boxing to provide you with fitness and strength.  These classes will also provide benefits of self defence and increases your fitness with a great fun atmosphere.  These class will provide you with skills if you wish to progress to the fighters class to compete.

Chris CHEECH DANIELL lost a very close fight by split points decision to the strong Millad Farzad for the WBC WA TITLE. They have previously fought before with CHEECH taking out the first one. One all now, look out for the decider early 2014, these two boys always have wars with each other & the decider will be the same!

Once again TEAM KAO SOK Gym fighters prove they can match it with the best in the business despite having much less experience…Jordan WOLF GODTFREDSEN lost a real close one to AUSTRALIAN MUAY THAI LEGEND Aaron TS2 LEIGH in QLD by split points decision…nobody gave him a chance, but we knew better. Many people thought WOLF had done enough to take the win. Well done Wolf, legend! …KS DONT MESS!!!

Jordan CARTMAN WEIR stepped up in weight & took a fight on short notice with promising Victorian fighter ALEXI PETROULIAS for the WBC AUSTRALIAN TITLE. CARTMAN lost on points but showed good heart against a bigger opponent.

Matt KAOS KING stepped up & took on World Champion Thai Petchtanong Banchamek. KAOS lost a very close fight by split points decision but sent out a strong message to the world that he is going to be the next big thing! What a legendary effort from a boy who has only just turned 18yo a few months ago & only started training from scratch in 2011! Huge future in the sport of Muay Thai, “KAOS” trains hard & fights hard…KS DONT MESS!!!

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