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In Woodvale Dental Surgery, we offer a variety of general dentistry services for patients of all ages. It’s important that everyone visits their dentist regularly for a routine check-up, no matter how good your teeth may look. We advise our patients to visit every six to 12 months to ensure best oral health maintenance, and help us track the state of your mouth.

We offer a range of treatments that can enhance your smile. As part of our services, we offer a variety of services, including teeth whitening, smile makeovers, tooth colour restorations, implants-woodvale, veneers and crowns to bring your smile to the best it can be. Our team of expert dentists who can transform your smile in no time, using painless, non-invasive cosmetic dentistry.

In Woodvale Dental Surgery , we all know that children may often be afraid to visit a dentist, especially for the first time. Here we take special care with the little ones, offering a caring and calm approach for your kids, to calm them down during their whole visit. We are a trusted children’s dentist in Perth. If you need a family friendly dentist, look no further.

Your oral health is our top priority, which is why we’ve developed our practice around one simple concept – professional dental care. Woodvale Dental Surgery is an established clinic with plenty of experience treating every type of dental issue.

We’re strong believers that a smile makeover will boost your confidence more than any haircut or killer outfit ever could. There’s nothing worse than shying away from the camera, or clamping your mouth shut when you’re around people because you’re embarrassed of your teeth. Our Woodvale-based cosmetic dentistry services will make sure you never feel this way again.

At Woodvale Dental Surgery, we understand that accidents happen, and that sometimes your dental issues may worsen, making an immediate appointment a necessity. That’s why we offer an emergency dental service that covers anything from issues that occur as a result of having your wisdom teeth out, broken or chipped teeth, or even severe pain caused from untreated dental issues.

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