Geoffrey Chin Dental Surgeon


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566 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park WA 6012, Australia



We believe in individual treatment of patients. We do not have hygienists and assistants doing the work – only Geoff. Where you see Geoff and are able to communicate and discuss your concerns directly with an expert.

We are extremely preventative orientated, and this has resulted in our patients having great long term outcomes. For example, in your first visit, detailed photos of your teeth are taken so that we can show you clearly any areas that need to be addressed.

We are strong advocates and practitioners of biomimetic dentistry, which has practically eliminated cutting teeth down for crowns and destructive root canal treatment. Patients are much happier longer term and often spend less compared to conventional treatment.

CEREC (ceramic restoration) makes it possible for dental restoration work to be done in a single visit instead of two visits over 2 weeks or more. We are one of the pioneers in the usage of CEREC in Western Australia.

We offer ample, free parking and are located within 5 minutes’ walk from Mosman Park train station. Within walking distance, there’s also an IGA supermarket, Subway restaurant, pharmacy, etc.

When he took over from Dr Brian Dwyer in 2000 Geoff wanted to set up a dental practice where dental treatment is “done” the way he wanted on his own teeth. He wanted quality dentistry that provided lifelong dental health, not cheap short-term care and unnecessary destructive cutting down of teeth with no consideration for issues down the track. 

The practice has now been established on Stirling Highway for over 35 years, with Geoff himself running it for the past 16 years. Today, he’s achieved his vision as he’s also known as the dentists’ preferred dentist. Because of his strong focus on preventative and long-term care and his expertise in biomimetic dentistry, Geoffrey Chin Dental Surgery is where dentists themselves come for dental work. And it is why the surgery retains 99% of their customers and why customers come not only from Mosman Park, Perth and Western Australia but also from around the globe.