Sea Breeze Resort


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+61 8 9949 1800
116, North C St, North West Cape WA 6707, Australia
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We would like to ensure our guests, that if anything, our customer service and service provision will increase. A lot of things of BW were not applicable to our business as they were designed for the majority of inner city hotels.

Sea Breeze Resort is unique in every way and we are thriving to be different. Exactly this is what makes us so successful. Our guests are exactly that ‘our guests’, guests of our family in a family owned and operated resort, the first in the world located in an active naval base.

It will take a few weeks to go through the transition period and we ask our guests to please allow us some time to revert back into our independence. You will find soon the changes in our internet and physical presence…

Big thank you to Nadja our operations manager for her patience with the worst software ever created and to deal with a myriad of things she had to put up with. She will have more time for you, our valued guest and leave the red tape and restrictions behind.