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We are a team of university-qualified social workers and counsellors with decades of combined experience in the areas of Child Protection, Disabilities, Youth Support, Grief and Loss, Advocacy and Family Systems. At OnFamily we work directly with individuals, families and the professionals who support them to provide evidence-based and practical advice.

OnFamily has been created to provide strength-based support to children, young people, individuals or caregivers who are wanting to explore barriers to fulfilment in a range of life areas. We provide this support through face to face and online mediums, as well as running specialist workshops for professionals engaged with families experiencing challenges.

At OnFamily we are committed to working with our clients to identify what is already working and to build on strengths to promote positive and lasting change. Our services are personalised to our client’s individual circumstances and support is based on up to date theory and practice.

OnFamily provides professional training workshops to Government and Non-Government agencies working with at-risk families and young people, as well as community education workshops aimed at increasing the individual’s and family’s skills and resources.

OnFamily workshops are developed and delivered by qualified and experienced professional trainers in the fields of Child Protection, Youth and Family Services, Mental Health, Disability and Trauma, and can be tailored or developed to suit the specific needs of your agency or community.

Working collaboratively with local agencies, OnFamily delivers interactive and informative workshops which offer practical steps to build upon the knowledge base that already exists within a particular agency. Based on current research and best practice, training workshops are flexible and unique, catering for 5-50 participants and running from a few hours to intensive 2 or 3 day courses depending on the level of skill and knowledge required.

As social beings, interaction and sharing of ideas is a healing and cathartic means of gaining support. At OnFamily, we believe that you are the expert of your life and we aim to support you in identifying what has worked, what is working and what will work in the future.

By sitting down together in an informal atmosphere, you and your OnFamily counsellor can explore the issues you are experiencing, brainstorm possible causes or ‘triggers’ for these issues and develop a practical and collaborative plan of action. If needed, you will also be supported by your counsellor by phone and email after the appointment to ensure you have access to advice, and opportunities to discuss the progress of your journey when you need it most.

By meeting with you face-to-face, our counsellors can gain an intimate understanding of the uniqueness and complexities of your particular circumstance, working with you to develop specific strategies to deliver harmony and balance back into your life.

Specific post visit family plans can be developed for families wishing to building upon the strengths and challenges identified, in order for you and your family to implement these changes together in the home. This is extremely useful for parents or caregivers of children displaying challenging behaviours associated with trauma or disability, or when seeking support for multiple children.

Often we find that one certain piece of information or advice allows the puzzle to fall into place. Perhaps there is a specific area that your family is struggling with, or maybe there are numerous concerns that you wish to address for your personal growth. One of our counsellors will work with you to help you prioritise and plan based on your individual circumstances and needs.

To minimise the impact on already strained time and financial restrictions, OnFamily offers online support in a variety of ways. You can begin your online engagement simply by placing an initial FREE question with one of the counsellors through our website. We will respond to your query within 1 working day and help you ascertain the best way forward from here.

We recognise that discussing personal circumstances online may be daunting for some people, so your counsellor will arrange a free initial meet and greet with you through your preferred medium (email, chat or skype). This allows you to become familiar with your counsellor and ask any specific questions you may have regarding the service.

In this way you will have peace of mind that you can receive professional advice on a range of topics to reflect the day-to-day experiences of the family unit, or various obstacles you may encounter in your journey to fulfilment. Our support will be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances, and your counsellor can provide phone support if required to ensure you receive holistic and ongoing assistance when you need it most.