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Do you worry it might be too hard, or too easy? Don’t! Our specialist program is designed for adults of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Exercise will be at your level, as intense as you want it to be. We welcome adults of all sizes and fitness levels. Our youngest guest was 18, and our oldest was 74. If you consider yourself a couch potato we will work with you, at your pace.

If you are super fit our trainers will take you to a level of fitness you never thought possible. We’ve never had anyone say it wasn’t hard enough for them, or anyone tell us it was too much. It’s always at YOUR level.

OnTrack is different from most other retreats, and this is why our program has become so popular. It’s not a traditional health retreat of rest and relaxation (with the odd gym session thrown in) but a comprehensive program of fitness, nutrition, and education to help you change habits and develop the skills needed to live a long term healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

The program has been designed by both by the experts, but also with real life experience. So many retreats have these ‘ideal’ solutions which look great when you’ve never been overweight in your life, but are unrealistic for those who suffer weight issues, or chronic illness like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or similar issues.

Our program is different. It combines the experts with real life approaches that work. It’s not just a text book with text book solutions – but a real program for real people that want real results and are committed to changing their mindset and habits to live a long term healthy life.

OnTrack Retreats has helped more Australian’s than any similar program. We receive cards and testimonials from our guests every week thanking us for helping them lose weight, get fit & change their life. Everyone is an individual and individual results vary based on how hard you work.

100% of the guests who have completed their program and followed the program have lost weight, lost centimetres and improved their fitness. Don’t believe any retreat that promises you certain results – they don’t know you. They don’t know your body. They don’t know how hard you will work.

Our promise to you is we will provide you with the place, advice and program where YOU can achieve your goals – with our help. Of course your results will depend on you and individual results do vary – but we wouldn’t be the most popular program of our kind if we didn’t help our guests achieve their goals, and you can see and read the many success stories and testimonials here >>