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Today our Fronditha Greek care group, celebrated the Greek custom of Protomagia. On May 1st the custom is to decorate the doors of houses with flower wreaths in a way to welcome the power of nature into our home. The wreath is made ​​from various flowers, handpicked and knitted together.

What a week it has been! On behalf of the team at PLCC we would like to thank our community for their generosity and support. Our team at the Kingston council and PLCC have been rallying around to get our doors open and classes relocated as soon as possible. We miss seeing all your friendly faces everyday that’s for sure!

 Although we have a long road ahead, with the support of our team at Kingston Council and our Committee of Management, we are confident that all our programs will be relocated successfully and smoothly.

April is sure to be a month of new and exciting changes to our community centre with the floors and ceilings already in the process of being restored.  We hope to regain full access to our multi-purpose room and meeting rooms by the 18th of April.

The concrete in the main hall will be resurfaced and prepared for new flooring over the next week, with doors reopening to our main hall on the 23rd of April- all going well.  As for our small hall, foyer and main toileting facilities, restoration may take 2-3 months, as this is the area that suffered significant fire damage, and requires the most work.

Details on class relocation will be released once we receive confirmation from council, this will hopefully be released early next week. The relevant coordinator will communicate all relocation plans to program leaders and hirers, as soon as confirmation is received.

For all enquiries relating to gymnastics please contact Seacia at [email protected], for all program enquiries contact Eva at [email protected] and account related enquiries contact Sue at  [email protected]

Please check our website and Facebook pages to access updates and information. We will do our best to keep you updated and respond to all your enquiries as soon as possible during what we envisage being a busy time for a while longer.

Granting this is a tricky time for the PLCC community, we believe that there will be many positive outcomes for our centre facilities, which will benefit all our programs and community members for years to come.

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