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The purpose of the Forest Industry Taskforce is for the major stakeholders to reach common ground on a durable, long-term set of recommendations and proposals to government, about future issues facing the industry, job protection, economic activity, protection of our unique native flora and fauna and threatened species, such as the Leadbeater’s possum.

The outcomes will be reached by consensus, and involve robust dialogue and considered negotiation. The process will rely on expert evidence, analysis and facilitation, and the engagement of relevant other affected groups and interests, and the broader Victorian community.

The Taskforce will aim for recommendations that will enable us to successfully create and sustain jobs and industry growth in a changing economic environment, to conserve high value ecological assets, to protect key species such as the Leadbeater’s possum and to implement a durable plan for the good stewardship of Victoria’s forests that can be embraced by the Victorian community.

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