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Since 2000, Future For Kids has been delivering community support services including Child Safety, Health, Disability, Employment and Housing Solutions that build capacity for those who need a hand up in life.

Future for Kids assists children and young people in need through its high quality residential care, foster care & transitional services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

We provide a pathway for children and young people, through a smooth transition from residential care or foster care to reunification with their family or independent living or. We also deliver specialist services to support the needs of the child safety sector.

Foster care is the most common type of care arrangement for children or young people who cannot live at home, irrespective of whether that may be for a few days or until a child becomes an adult. We facilitate home based care with families located within the child’s community.

Foster carers with Future For Kids are approved by the department to provide care in their own homes. They expand their family circle to give children and young people the necessary care, safety and support that they require during a very difficult time in their lives.

There is a growing need for more foster carers throughout Queensland. If you would like to extend your family in a fulfilling way and become a foster care worker in please contact us on (07) 5564 0866

The Out-of-Home Care program provides children and young people who are unable to live at home with a safe living arrangement and support services tailored to meet their needs. Out of home care services are delivered by qualified Future for Kids staff to ensure the child or young person is provided a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment, whilst working towards family reunification, semi-independent living or a permanent care option.

Our transportation services provide a safe method for our children and young people to be able to maintain their normal routine each day. We assist with everyday tasks like going to school, and transportation for special needs like shopping and meeting their appointments.

Future for Kids transitional care provides a safe, homely environment for our children and young people until their permanent positions have been finalised. Transitional care is a very important step in the placement process.

Future for Kids Queensland was a dream that has come to fruition. Over 40 years ago one person said, “If I could make a positive difference to the life of one child when I get older, then I will.” From humble beginnings Future for Kids in Queensland has positively impacted on many children’s and young people’s lives. Sometimes through encouragement, sometimes through advice and sometimes through just listening, whatever the case may be, it is the belief of Future for Kids that it’s the “little things that make the biggest difference.” With its unique Family Based Model of Care, Future for Kids is a fresh new approach to the wellbeing of children and young people from birth to Adulthood.

To identify at an early stage children and young people at risk of social exclusion, and to ensure that they the children and young people receive the help and support they need to achieve and in most cases exceed their potential, “to make a difference.”

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