Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre

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+61 7 3735 6557
Nathan Campus of Griffith University, S Ring Rd, Nathan QLD 4111, Australia
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Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre (TFEEC) is a Department of Education, Training and Employment facility located in the sustainably designed Griffith University EcoCentre.  The facility is located in the Nathan Campus, approximately ten (10) kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD, surrounded by the natural backdrop of Toohey Forest.

At 640 hectares in size, Toohey Forest is one of the few remaining ‘green lungs’ of Brisbane and provides a vital habitat for many native plants and animals once common across South East Queensland. In particular, Toohey Forest is home to more than 75 species of birds, including the rarely seen Powerful Owl (

Toohey Forest has an extensive network of paved walking tracks which provide for wheelchair access. The walking tracks meander through predominantly open eucalypt forest and heath, and isolated pockets of vine forest and closed scrub located along the creeks and gullies.

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