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The Greystanes couple have provided crisis, short-term, long-term and pre-adoptive care in their time. Now in their late 50’s, they still offer respite care to children whose foster carers need a break.

The first thing she tells people is to take off their rose-coloured glasses when it comes to fostering. “...There are some very shattered children out there – we always find it’s a bit like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together in some ways.”

Heather has managed to keep in touch with many of the children she has fostered and is gratified many of them have flourished. She has also found it extremely satisfying to give the most difficult children ways to cope.

If you’re compassionate, resilient, energetic and love to learn new skills, you could be just the carer we’re looking for. Request an information pack now to begin changing a young person’s life for the better. It will likely be the most rewarding and important thing you ever do.

Whether a young person is with you for a short time or until they reach independence, it can be a greatly rewarding experience for everyone involved. You can give a child hope for the future and the tools to live a full and healthy life.

Dawn is currently fostering two ‘really nice’ teenage boys aged 13 and 15, long term. She loves spending time with them and goes to the younger boy’s sporting events and practice sessions when she can.

Mitchell is in good general health and has no allergies. He is a very active child who enjoys playing all sports including cricket, soccer and football.  He supports the West Tigers in the NRL and  loves to play his play station.

Mitchell is an inquisitive, resilient child who, despite his trauma, is in mainstream school progressing positively. Mitchell is a very likeable young boy, can make friends easily and is able to hold an adult like conversation, taking a genuine interest in other people’s lives.

Mitchell speaks positively about the future in terms of his career goals. And has said he wants to become a youth worker or a foster care caseworker because he understands what it is like to be in care.

Mitchell thrives when he feels as though he truly belongs and is apart of his foster family. Without a sense of belonging and stability Mitchell’s  behaviour escalates as he attempts to gain control of his life.

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