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Our Football Coaching pathway has the aim to “Become THE leading youth development structure, igniting a passion for football, and improving and progressing as many individuals as possible to a future involved in the game”. We provide an enjoyable, supportive and encouraging environment for players, coaches, and families. We encourage the development of character, self-confidence and the skills to enable each player to fulfil their potential as an athlete, team player and leader both on and off the field, all under the oversight of professional coaches.

At KIKOFF Soccer Centres you can get together for the ultimate soccer game with your mates, play in our football tournaments for great prizes, or arrange a children’s birthday soccer party with football, dodgeball, bubble soccer and more.

It happens to all of us- we get busy with work and other commitments, and before we know it we’re huffing and puffing every time we have to take the stairs. Many people believe that if they want to get back into shape they need to spend hours on the cardio machines at the gym. […]

At Kikoff, we know our success is due to our amazing coaches like Perry Moustakas. And we’d love for you to get to know them better. Today’s interview is with Perry Moustakas. Perry is one of the most qualified coaches around, and his experience as a pro footballer makes him a role model for football […]

Have you ever felt tired, run-down, sad or mentally not bothered to do anything? In recent years, research has also found that football (sport in general) participation can positively affect your mental health.  Here’s are just some mental benefits from sport.

While summer is the best time to be a kid, it can seem like a long time for parents. And if you’re not happy with the idea of your kids staring at their screens all day, you’ll need to keep them entertained. Here is our list of options to keep kids busy in summer:

As this year continues to fly by, you may have thought about the fact that summer is just around the corner. And now is the perfect time to consider what sports your kids should play over the summer holidays.

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